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Steinberg WaveLab Elements 9.0.25 Multilingual

Steinberg WaveLab Elements v9.0.25 Multilingual



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WaveLab Elements is an audio editing and mastering software, perfectly tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners. Based on the approved WaveLab Pro mastering solution, the WaveLab Elements highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more — all accessible through an intuitive user interface.

New features in WaveLab Elements 9:
– Revolutionary new user interface allowing for an incomparably fast and convenient workflow
– MasterRig plug-in suite including 5 plug-in modules: EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager
– Innovative windows docking system that allows for a flexible and easy window handling
– New, redesigned master section with up to 5 effect slots
– High-quality SoX-based Resampler for resampled playback and rendering
– Automatic error correction tools for removing unwanted noise
– Direct exchange of audio files with Cubase and Nuendo*
– Extended file compatibility including AAC and MP3 read and write support
– Improved plug-in search function
– New startup dialog

Creative audio refinement
With three stereo tracks, numerous editing tools and support for many different file formats, WaveLab Elements is the ideal choice for radio journalists as well as for simple mastering and audio editing tasks. Simply cut out unwanted noise, crossfade between takes or enhance the clarity of speech recordings using clip- or track-based effects. WaveLab Elements provides a streamlined user interface that allows for a fast and convenient workflow. The single-window interface contains a central tab area, incorporating the most often used functions and the waveform display. Working with WaveLab Elements has never been easier and more creative!

MasterRig – and more quality effects
WaveLab Elements offers more than 25 studio-grade effect plug-ins that allow you to increase the quality of your audio material or to change its character. Add some punch with the Tube Compressor and Brickwall Limiter, and adjust the pitch and tempo of your recordings. Get your tracks radio-ready by using WaveLab Elements’ MasterRig, a mastering plug-in suite derived from the professional WaveLab Pro version. MasterRig consists of 5 modules: EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager which can be easily arranged to create an individual high-class audio effect-chain.

Analyze your audio material
With the global analysis you can detect peaks, errors, the pitch or bit depth of your recorded files. If that’s not enough, the 3D spectrum analysis and the included real-time analyzing tools, Spectroscope, Oscilloscope and VU metering, provide detailed feedback on your audio’s quality — and help you achieve professional results.

Repair impaired recordings
WaveLab Elements highlights premium restoration tools, including the DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker VST 3 plug-ins by Sonnox. With this advanced suite you can remove any kind of unwanted noise, clicks, crackles or hum fast and effectively. Restore old vinyl and tape recordings, fine-tune the recording of your band’s last gig or get rid of environmental noise — it’s up to you.

Work like a pro
The time-saving batch conversion functions allow you to convert a large number of audio files in one go. And thanks to the metadata support you can add the artist’s name, pictures, copyright, date and more to your files. Plus, the single-window plug-in management or the auto-replay option are valuable improvements for multiplying your productivity. In addition, WaveLab Elements provides a seamless and direct exchange of audio material with Cubase and Nuendo* allowing you to create a powerful mix and mastering chain.

Master your tracks
CD mastering is more than just increasing the loudness of music tracks and putting these into the right order. That’s why WaveLab Elements includes an intuitive burning engine, allowing you to create truly professional audio CDs. Thanks to the thought-out marker management you can accurately define the start and end points or adjust the breaks to your taste.

System Requirements:
– Windows 7/ 8.x/ 10
– Intel or AMD dual core CPU
– 4 GB RAM
– 4 GB free HD space
– 1024 x 768 display resolution
– USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)
– OS compatible audio hardware


Install in a strict sequence:
0. (if not installed) http://download.elicenser.net/downloads/eLicenserControlSetup.exe
1. Steinberg.Content.eLicense.exe
2. WaveLab_Elements_9_64bit.msi (to default location)
3. WaveLab_Elements_9.0.25_64bit_Update.msp
3. WaveLab 9.0.25 plugins eXtender.exe



Steinberg WaveLab Elements v9.0.25 Build 599 + Patch




Steinberg WaveLab 8 WIN + MAC OSX

Steinberg WaveLab v8.0.3 + License




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Join Groove 3’s resident Steinberg guru Mark Struthers as he shows you how to edit audio and more in Steinberg’s powerful audio editor and mastering application, WaveLab 8. Shot with the latest version 8, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to get the most out of this feature rich application.

Mark begins with a detailed look at the WaveLab 8 interface, workspaces and windows. From there, Mark reveals the deeper functions of the quick buttons, playback buttons and markers before jumping into the main attraction, audio editing.

Mark then gets into editing, with tutorials on deleting specific areas, replacing with silence, adjusting gain, using fast mutes, normalization, fades and much more. Watch as Mark explains how to detect and correct clicks in your audio, organize and use plug-ins within WaveLab 8, and how the mastering section and dithering works and more.

If WaveLab 8 is in your audio editing arsenal, then this series is a must see… Watch “Editing Audio with WaveLab 8” today.



Steinberg WaveLab v8.0.3 + Crack


Steinberg WaveLab v8.0.3 + Crack






Steinberg WaveLab LE 7.2.1 WIN/OSX

Steinberg WaveLab LE 7.2.1 Build 600




WaveLab LE 7 offers a suite of audio editing tools tailored to the needs of musicians, small recording environments and podcast authors. The podcast tool combines basic editing and mastering capabilities with full internet audio publishing features, creating a unique one-stop application for recording, editing right through to online publication via podcast, perfectly suited for Sequel and Cubase users. The sample-accurate 32-bit/96 kHz audio engine in WaveLab LE 7 combines a small set of quality virtual effect processors.

Enter the world of professional audio editing
WaveLab LE 7 not only allows you to edit CD-quality audio material on two tracks, but also enhances recordings, using more than ten plug-ins that include several effects taken from our professional music software, Cubase. In addition, there is the integrated podcast function which allows for sharing music and voice recordings in the internet.

Mac OS X support and new layout
Probably the most important new feature in WaveLab LE 7 is the compatibility to Mac OS X operating systems, which follows Steinberg’s goal to make all products available on both PC and Mac platforms. Furthermore, WaveLab LE 7 has been completely rewritten and comes with a new, modern and easy-to-use user interface, which is based on the new WaveLab 7 family design.

Convincing plug-in set
WaveLab LE 7 comes with nine plug-ins, based on Steinberg’s renowned VST3 technology. Plug-ins such as the Steinberg Compressor, Limiter, the renowned StudioEQ from Cubase and Roomworks SE form a solid feature set. More than ten additional plug-ins including Leveler are also on board.

Workspace concept and flexible window architecture
WaveLab LE 7’s Workspace concept is based on the bigger WaveLab 7 versions and offers the possibility to switch between several WaveLab LE 7 view sets with a single mouse click and thereby dramatically speeds up the entire working process with WaveLab LE 7. The new window structure offers the possibility to drag and drop program windows, resize them and place them anywhere required within the WaveLab LE 7 workspace.

Audio analysis on a new level
One of WaveLab LE 7’s strength is the audio analysis section, including tools such as the 3D offline Spectrum view and Level Meters for the master section that allows the user to always easily keep an overview on the technical results of the current mix.

Flawless audio quality
WaveLab LE 7 also delivers flawless audio quality by supporting 96 kHz sampling rate at a playback resolution of 32 bits.

Audio montage and wave editing
The Audio Montage of WaveLab LE 7 is the central working area, where audio files can be edited. It hosts two audio tracks as well as a basic editing feature set, including the possibility to set markers. The redesigned master section allows the use of up to three slots for the integration of plug-ins.

Podcast production
But there’s even more to it than that. WaveLab LE 7 also offers comprehensive support for the creation and publishing of podcasts. The powerful podcast tool offers a feature set, which can stand comparison even with the more professional WaveLab 7 versions. It’s possible not only to add parameters such as title or description, but also create several episodes and upload them directly to the server of choice.


WINDOWS x86/x64

Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.2.1 Build 600 + Patcher



Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.2.1 Build 600 + Patcher


Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01 Build 506 WIN/OSX

Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01 Build 506



Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01 Build 506

Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01 Build 506 full free download

WaveLab 7 is one of the most powerful and versatile audio editing and processing applications on the market today and combines the facilities of many other products within one, intuitive, flexible application.

Top Features

* Industry-acclaimed tools for mastering, audio editing and restoration
* Powerful audio analyzing and metering tools
* Flexible and intuitive session and window management concept
* High end restoration suite from plug-in specialists Sonnox
* First-rate collection of VST3 plug-ins, including StudioEQ and Post Filter
* Extensive batch processing functions
* Audio Montage for simultaneous editing across several tracks
* Professional burning engine with DDP format support
* DIRAC 2.2 time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithms

Audio Editing (Stereo, Multi-Track)

WaveLab 7 features sample-accurate stereo or multi-track audio editing combined with impressive effects for sound design. Depending on the editing task, users may chose between a destructive stereo editor and the powerful non-destructive, clip-based Audio Montage for stereo or multi-track projects.

The Audio Montage allows real-time fades and cross fades, clip-based effects with effect morphing between adjacent clips and track-based effects through the Master section. With unlimited undo/redo and the powerful batch processing and archiving features, no other single software tool can match the truly exceptional WaveLab 7 feature set in its price range.

Audio Restoration

WaveLab 7 not only allows for complex and precise equalization or dynamics processing. With the Sonnox DeNoiser, DeClicker and DeBuzzer tools, it also includes the latest restoration plug-in technology available on the market  best suited to accurately restore impaired audio recordings.

The powerful DeNoiser plug-in effectively removes constant background noise, while maintaining the ambience of a recording. DeClicker is the right choice to eliminate pops, clicks and crackles and with DeBuzzer, you can precisely remove humming noises like the mains hum. Advanced algorithms, a straightforward user interface and detailed visual feedback make this suite the first choice for the most demanding audio restoration works.

Multimedia Sound Design

Besides its powerful editing and processing features, WaveLab 7 supports major multimedia audio file formats like Windows Media, WMA Pro, and various MPEG formats. Instead of inconvenient importing or exporting, WaveLab 7 natively supports all of these formats and allows for direct opening and saving of files in any of its supported formats. In combination with the powerful batch processing functions, WaveLab 7 becomes the tool of choice for any file-conversion task.

CD Mastering

CD Mastering is more than just squeezing maximum loudness out of music tracks and putting these into the right order for creating a CD. A mastering studio has to match and adjust levels, equalization, spatial integration and many other audio aspects between different audio tracks in order to create a coherent acoustic experience across the entire CD.

WaveLab 7 makes the creation of complex transitions and cross fades between titles very easy. WaveLab 7 provides intuitive track assembly, audio editing and applying effects or cross fades down to accurate CD marker and PQ editing is very fast and intuitive. With WaveLab 7 you can create a CD image file or burn the project directly to CD and optionally compare the final CD to the master image for error checking and repair. The latest incarnation of WaveLab also features a completely new burning engine and support for the industry-standard DDP format. No other audio editing software offers such a complete set of CD mastering features.

Broadcast Production & Batch Processing

Besides outstanding sound quality and data integrity, workflow optimization and system integration are some of the key requirements in professional broadcast facilities. WaveLab 7 offers state-of-the-art 24-bit / 384 kHz resolution and 64-bit floating-point precision, which results in exceptional sound quality and processing accuracy. In Addition, WaveLab 7 supports the MPEG 1 Layer 2 (M.U.S.I.C.A.M.) file format, which is commonly used in digital broadcast systems, as well as Broadcast WAV, the extended WAV format that includes additional information in the file header.

But clearly the most exciting features for broadcast users are the scripting capabilities in combination with user presets and batch processing functions. When combined, these functions allow for perfect integration of WaveLab 7 into the existing workflow, including automated file import, format conversion and signal processing. Using the new API scripting interface WaveLab 7 can run even difficult processing tasks in the background without even being touched.

Institutional Applications

WaveLab 7 has many applications beyond mastering or music- and audio production. Its powerful recording and processing features have made it the number one choice for scientific audio archiving and restoration, as well as more sophisticated laboratory applications including forensic analysis. WaveLab is known for its reliability and its ease-of-use. Its highly customizable workflow and the powerful user-preset and batch processing features, plus its compatibility with many different file formats leave enough room for a perfect integration into practically any thinkable audio laboratory environment.



Steinberg WaveLab LE v7.01 Build 506 + Crack

wavelab 7

Steinberg WaveLab v6.1.1 + Dongle Emulator

Steinberg WaveLab v6.1.1 + Dongle Emulator




 WaveLab 6 – Audio Editing and Mastering Suite

WaveLab  6  is the  all-in-one  solution for  professional  mastering, high
resolution multi-channel  audio editing,  audio restoration,  sample design
and radio  broadcast work  right through  to complete  CD/DVD-A production.
Already a standard application for digital audio editing and processing due
to its outstanding flexibility and pristine audio quality, WaveLab is  used
worldwide by top professionals and audio enthusiasts alike.


Sample accurate audio editing in stereo and surround

Excellent performance and outstanding audio quality with sample rates up to
384 kHz, 32-bit floating point resolution

Powerful Audio Montage for simultaneous editing across several tracks

Red Book-compatible CD mastering as well as DVD-A authoring

Comprehensive suite of real-time metering and analysis tools

Top-end  EQs,  dynamics  and  effects,  with  optional  VST  effect plug-in

Fantastic audio restoration tools

Support for all  standard audio formats  including WAV, AIFF,  AU, MP3, MP2
(M.U.S.I.C.A.M.), RAW, Windows Media 9, AES-31 Import und Export plus  many

Support for all common bit-rates 8-, 16-, 20-, 24-bit at up to 384 kHz)

Changes in v6.1.1

Allows to install WaveLab  under Windows 7 (32  and 64 bit), Windows  Vista
SP1 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows XP SP3 (32 bit).

Better compatibility when loading Waves plugins.


Steinberg WaveLab v6.1.1.353 + Dongle Emulator (68mb)



wavelab 6 full free download


Steinberg WaveLab v5.01b Full

Steinberg WaveLab v5.01b + Serial




WaveLab 5 is the only all-in-one solution for high resolution stereo and multi-channel audio editing, mastering, CD/DVD burning and for complete CD or DVD Audio production in outstanding audio quality. WaveLab is not just a top level mastering tool, it also offers capabilities for multimedia, sound design with samplers, radio broadcasts, and computer telephony applications. This is why WaveLab is the leading application for digital audio editing.

These are only some of the fantastic new features in WaveLab 5:
– Multi-channel surround audio support from input to output with up to eight audio channels for recording, editing, processing and mastering
– Complete DVD Audio authoring toolset, including Playlist editing, on-screen video menu design, picture slide shows, and DVD text
– User definable surround-to-stereo down-mixing
– DVD Audio burning, including video data
– DVD Audio extraction, conversion, and archiving
– New “Smart” Video Thumbnail Track for editing audio for video
– Track effects in Audio Montage
– Multi-channel metering and analysis with up to eight channels
– ASIO instant remapping for instant audio compare at the touch of a button
– New file formats: WMA Pro 5.1 and 7.1 export, AVI audio import


Steinberg WaveLab v5.01b + Serial (53mb)