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Steinberg Hypersonic 2.0 VSTi DXi + Crack

Steinberg Hypersonic 2.0 + Crack


Steinberg Hypersonic 2


Hypersonic 2 is Steinberg’s multi-purpose music workstation that not only offers thousands of top class sounds, but is incredibly CPU and RAM efficient. Four powerful synthesis engines, 1.7 GB of top quality sounds, 1800 stunning factory presets: that’s an almost overwhelming array of sounds, effects and instruments ready for use in just about any musical style or sound design application. And thanks to the unique and proprietary sample optimization technology, each instance is exceedingly efficient with computer resources, with each instance offering up to 1024-voice polyphony across 32 stereo outputs. Hypersonic 2 is also startlingly easy to use – instant access to crucial parameters for each individual patch means a smooth, efficient and creative workflow.

Hypersonic 2: that’s state-of-the-art music creation at your fingertips.
Hypersonic 2 Main Features:* Four high quality sound generation engines – sample playback, analog synthesis, FM Synthesis and Wavetable Synthesis.
* 1800 factory patches + 100 Combis + 135 Drum & Percussion Kits + 111 Drum Loops.
* 1,7 GB finest sample content total Hypersonic 2 sound palette covers any musical style in top quality – be it pop, classic, dance, hiphop, rock or even country music.
* General MIDI Hypermodule GM4 included, playback any General MIDI file.
* Excellent performance: 1024 voices polyphony, 32 stereo outputs, 16 MIDI channels (per instance).
* Hyperphrase (polyphonic arpeggiator) with 200 categorized phrases included, featuring MIDI file import.
* Combi chain feature – switch combinations of multiple patches per program change / controller chain
* Hyper Knobs for fast and effective sound tweaking.
* Full patch editor – get access to hundreds of parameters for unlimited creative options.
* Integrated super-fast search engine simplifies finding the right sounds.
* Integrated mixer with level, pan, output, FX1-4 send.
* Integrated MIDI keyboard.
* MIDI Learn for all editing knobs.
* Expansion bay for up to 5 sound/sample library expansions or synthesizer modules.

1) Unrar and mount or burn.
2) Install Setup.exe
3) Copy “Hypersonic 2 Content” dir to a folder of your choice
4) Run the plugin and locate content path manually!
5) Enjoy this fine Team AiR release !!!

Steinberg Hypersonic 2.0 VSTi DXi + Crack


Steinberg Hypersonic v1.12.808 VSTi

Steinberg Hypersonic v1.12.808 VSTi


     The ultimate virtual music workstation
Hypersonic  is  a  compositional  workhorse  and  an  expandable, high
-performance sample player/synthesizer. The software takes the musical
instrument  workstation  concept  to  computer-based  music production
environments, offering higher quality, easier use, and more  effective
playability.With 5 high-quality sound  generation engines, a large  built-in patch
library  with  1000 patches  from  more than  50  categories featuring
Wizoo’s acclaimed  sound design,  Hypersonic delivers  an unbelievable
amount  of  sounds,  effects,  voices  and  outputs,  allowing  you to
generate more high-quality sounds in a given system than ever before.A fully-integrated database makes  finding the right sounds  a breeze;
“hyper knobs” allows for quicker, easier and more “intelligent”  sound
-tweaking  at  the  turn  of a  single  knob.  Thanks  to Hypersonicĺs
proprietary and unique optimization engine, the software  dramatically
reduces CPU load, RAM/disk space requirements, and patch/combi loading

Hypersonic’s synthesis  engines and  sound library  are expandable  by
Hyper Modules.

16 channels playable simultaneously

– Channel link functions allows for layering patches by mouse

– Velocity/key zone switching and crossfading

– Mute function

– Patches can be copied, moved and renamed in the arrangement

– Arrangement loadable/savable as combi (song chains)

Integrated mixer with level, pan, output, FX1-4 send

– Up to 4 user-editable FX per part

– Switchable real-time meter (audio level, velo, polyphony)

– Patch lock function prevents accidental altering of values

– MIDI  mixer  (not  shown) allows  adjusting  velo  zone,  key zone,
polyphony, transposition and tuning per patch

Integrated  super-fast  search  engine  simplifies  finding  the right

– Hyper patches have extensive keyword/descriptor tagging for precise,
non-redundant search results.

– Context-sensitive “Hyper Display”

– Context-sensitive “Hyper  Display” shows important  information such
as patch  descriptions, parameter meaning, controller assignment and
other info that significantly adds speed and ease to the workflow.

Hyper Knobs for fast and effective sound tweaking

– For  each  patch  there’s  an individual  set  of knobs.  Names  and
functions have been carefully pre-programmed by patch designers.

– Each  knob  affects multiple  parameters within  the patch  and its
elements (Macro and Morph functionality).

– The Hyper Knobs always offer the six most relevant tweaking  options
for each type of sound, saving  the user the tedious trial-and-error
tweaking of dozens of single parameters.

– Automating Hyper Knobs via MIDI offers the most effective  real-time
control imaginable – one knob turns multiple parameters at a time.

– To program Hypersonic via  hardware, Hyper Knobs can be  assigned to
hardware knobs (e.g., a USB MIDI keyboard or controller).

Expansion  bay  for  up  to  5  sound/sample  library  expansions   or
synthesizer modules

– Wizoo Wave ROM comes standard in slot 1

– Expansion  modules  enjoy full  integration into  Hypersonic during
installation:  database, arrangement, mixer, and so on (i.e., analog
synth  expansion  module  patches  integrate  seamlessly   into  the
Hypersonics patch database)

Integrated MIDI keyboard

– 88-key, Mouse-velocity

– 2 wheels

Seamless, comfortable integration into VST 2.0 compatible hosts

– Hypersonic sound banks and hyper patches can be browsed and selected
directly from arrange window tracks

Product Highlights:

– 16 channels playable simultaneously

– Integrated mixer with level, pan, output, FX1-4 send

– Integrated super-fast search engine

– Context-sensitive “Hyper Display”

– Hyper Knobs for fast and effective sound tweaking

– Expansion  bay for  sound/sample library  expansions or  synthesizer

– Integrated MIDI keyboard

– Seamless, comfortable integration into VST 2.0 compatible hosts

Install Info:
1. UnZip and UnRar
2. Run Setup
3. Enjoy!

Steinberg Hypersonic v1.12.808 VSTi – Cracked (161mb)


Steinberg Hypersonic VSTi v1.0

Steinberg Hypersonic VSTi v1.0


             Hypersonic  is  the music workstation that adds more power, more
versatility  and  more  sounds  to  your system than you’ve ever
dreamt   of.   With   it’s   excellent  sound-per-system  specs,
uncompromised  sound  quality,  fast  and easy tweaking options,
Hypersonic   is   the   ultimate   sound   factory   for   every
computer-based musician.

Hypersonic  is both a compositional workhorse and an expandable,
high-performance  sample  player  /  synthesizer.  It  takes the
musical  instrument  workstation concept to computer-based music
production  environments  with  higher  quality, easier use, and
more effective playability than ever before.

With  5  high quality sound generation engines, a large built-in
patch  library  with  1000  patches from more than 50 categories
featuring   Wizoo’s  acclaimed  sound  design,  it  delivers  an
unbelievable  amount  of  sounds,  effects,  voices and outputs,
allowing  you  to  generate  more high-quality sounds in a given
system than ever before.

A  fully  integrated  database  makes finding the right sounds a
breeze;  “hyper  knobs”  allow  for  quicker,  easier  and  more
“intelligent”  sound-tweaking  than ever before at the turn of a
single  knob.  Thanks to its proprietary and unique optimization
engine,  Hypersonic  dramatically  reduces  CPU  load,  RAM/disk
space    requirements,    and    patch/combi    loading   times.

Hypersonic’s  synthesis engines and sound library are expandable
by Hyper Modules.


– 16 channels playable simultaneously
– Integrated mixer with level, pan, output, FX1-4 send
– Integrated super – fast search engine
– Context – sensitive “Hyper Display”
– Hyper Knobs for fast and effective sound tweaking
– Expansion bay for sound/sample library expansion or
synthesizer modules
– Integrated MIDI keyboard
– Seamless, comfortable integration into VST 2.0
compatible hosts
– and much more….

Install Info:
1) Unzip, Unrar and run Setup.exe
2) Enjoy


Steinberg Hypersonic v1.0 VSTi – Cracked (150mb)

hypersonic v1.0 vsti