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Digidesign Hardware Emulator v1.3 OSX iNTEL -XVX

Digidesign Hardware Emulator v1.3 -XVX



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Fixes in this release:
Audio distortion on playback. The algorithm was correct for 64-bit, but 32-bit
was pretty much screwed. Which sucks, because most people are running 32-bit…


1) Unpack
2) Run Install.app
3) If you have issues installing, try opening terminal and running
the install.command as a super-user
(i.e. cd /path/to/install/folder
sudo ./install.command)
4) If you receive an error saying XVXDevice couldn’t be loaded,
because one with same uuid is already loaded, that means you must
reboot after it’s installed.

Digidesign Hardware Emulator v1.3 -XVX OSX INTEL

Digidesign Hardware Emulator v1.3

Digidesign Strike v1.5.1 RTAS MacOSX

Digidesign Strike v1.5.1 RTAS Mac OSX

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Strike is a revolutionary instrument plug-in that makes it easy to create professional drum and percussion performances in Pro Tools with uncanny realism and unbelievable human feel. More than just a high-definition drum module, Strike uses real drum performances and provides unprecedented control over every aspect of your virtual drummer’s sound and playing. Select a kit, set the mic placement and leakage, choose a room, and tell your drummer how to play as you adjust the intensity, complexity, timing, groove, dynamics, and more — in real time. This is one instrument you have to see to believe.

The latest version of Strike includes new features and comes with 30 GB* of content to provide you with even more beat versatility. Use your own sounds with new WAV and AIFF sample import, gain more efficiency with the enhanced Style editor, discover over 10 GB of new drum kits and percussion elements, explore 55 new styles (for a total of 205 styles), and more.

* Strike 1.5 comes with 30 GB of audio content, which is compressed into a space-saving 13 GB using proprietary lossless compression. Strike dynamically decompresses any content you load in real time, as needed.

Digidesign Strike v1.5.1 RTAS Mac OSX – Cracked


Digidesign Eleven RTAS TDM OSX iNTEL

Digidesign Eleven RTAS TDM OSX iNTEL

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Eleven is a powerful TDM/RTAS/AudioSuite plug-in that sets a new standard for recording and live guitar amp sound. Eleven allows you to achieve highly realistic, jaw-dropping guitar tones based on the world’s most coveted vintage and modern tube amps, speaker cabinets, and mics – all right in your Pro Tools or VENUE rig.

Developed using an innovative new amp modeling technique, Eleven gives you instant access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on classic Fender®, VOX®, Marshall®, Mesa/Boogie®, and Soldano amplifiers. Simply call up a preset to immediately re-create a hit-making guitar tone, or design your own signature sound by mixing and matching amps, speaker cabinets, and mic models — all captured at their best in a world-class studio.


– Create highly realistic mic’d guitar amp/cabinet sounds within your Pro Tools, Avid, or VENUE system
– Choose from a must-have collection of vintage and modern amp, cabinet, and mic models to create your own signature tone, or use the customizable presets to instantly re-create a classic sound
– Achieve multi-dimensional guitar tones complete with power amp sag, ghost notes, cabinet resonance, and speaker cone breakup
– Innovative amp cloning technique delivers the sound and feel of classic tube amps by emulating each component to behave like its hardware counterpart
– Convolution-based speaker cabinet and mic models provide incredibly rich tones, and include on- and off-axis mic positions for more tone-tweaking flexibility
– Supports 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, and 44.1 kHz sample rates

Guitar Amp Models

The amp models in Eleven are based on the following original vintage and modern guitar amps (Eleven also includes two custom amps):

– ’59 Fender® Bassman®
– ’59 Fender® Tweed Deluxe
– ’64 Fender® Black Face Deluxe Reverb® Normal Channel
– ’64 Fender® Black Face Deluxe Reverb® Vibrato Channel
– ’66 VOX® AC30 Top Boost
– ’67 Fender® Black Face Twin Reverb®
– ’69 Marshall® 1959 100 Watt Super Lead Plexiglas Head
– ’82 Marshall® JCM800 2203 100-Watt Head
– ’85 Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc+ Drive Channel
– ’89 Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Clean Channel
– ’89 Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Crunch Channel
– ’89 Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Overdrive Channel
– ’92 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Head Vintage Channel
– ’92 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Head Modern Channel
– Custom Vintage Crunch
– Custom Modern Overdrive

Speaker Cabinet Models

The speaker cabinet models in Eleven are based on the following original speaker cabinets:

– ’59 Fender® Bassman® 4×10” with Jensen P10Qs
– ’59 Fender® Tweed Deluxe 1×12” with Jensen P12Q
– ’64 Fender® Black Face Deluxe Reverb® 1×12” with Jensen P12N
– ’66 VOX® AC30 2×12” with Celestion Alnico Blues
– ’67 Fender® Black Face Twin Reverb® 2×12” with Jensen C12Ns
– ’68 Marshall® 1960A with Celestion G12H “Greenbacks”
– ’06 Marshall® 1960AV 4×12” with Celestion Vintage 30s

Microphone Models

The microphone models in Eleven are based on the following popular mics:

– Shure SM7 Dynamic Microphone
– Shure SM57 Unidyne III Dynamic Microphone
– Sennheiser MD 409 Dynamic Microphone
– Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic Microphone
– Neumann U67 Condenser Microphone
– Neumann U87 Condenser Microphone
– AKG C 414 EB Condenser Microphone
– Royer 121 Ribbon Microphone


1) Unpack
2) Run Eleven.app from the disk image

Digidesign Eleven RTAS TDM OSX iNTEL – Cracked


Digidesign Sound Replacer WIN & MAC

Digidesign Sound Replacer v8.0 AS MAC OSX INTEL
Digidesign SoundReplacer RTAS v1.3.4 WIN

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SoundReplacer allows you to replace or mix an existing audio track with new samples from your sound library. SoundReplacer allows you to retain the original feel by matching the timing and automatically adjusting the dynamics of the replacement sound to match the changing levels of the original performance.

Up to three separate samples can be used to blend with or completely replace an original performance. Variations in amplitude within the performance determine which sample is triggered at a given time.

– Trigger up to three samples, each set to a threshold zone of your choosing
– Crossfade or hardshift between samples
– Adjustable mix slider sets the amount of sample replacement
– Expand/contract a performance’s dynamic range
– Peak Align option assures phase-accurate alignment

Digidesign Sound Replacer v8.0 MAC OSX INTEL – Cracked

SoundReplacer RTAS v1.3.4 for Win + Crack


Pro Tools MP HD v8.0.3 cs2 + Hardware Emulator

Digidesign Pro Tools MP HD v8.0.3 cs2

+ Hardware Emulator for MAC OSX




Pro Tools 8 is the most advanced audio creation and production software, featuring a gorgeous new interface, dozens of new virtual instruments and plug-ins, exciting new scoring and MIDI features, amazing new workflows, better ease
of use, deeper controller integration, and much, much more. You’ll never work with music or sound the same way again.

What’s New?
Stunning New Look
With a sleek new look and enhanced functionality and interactivity, you can
work faster and easier than ever, with more customizability to satisfy your

A Well-Stocked Studio
Get over 70 groundbreaking virtual instruments, effects, and utility plug-ins,
and over 8 GB of audio loops to jump-start your creativity.
More Audio Tracks in Pro Tools LE and Pro Tools M-Powered
Work with 3x more audio tracks than previously (up to 48 simultaneous stereo or
mono tracks), so you can create larger, more complex mixes.
Score Your Music
View, edit, arrange, and print MIDI data as music notation in the new Score
Editor, which enables you to compose music and transcribe MIDI data in real

Complete MIDI Sequencing and Production
Take your MIDI sequencing to a whole new level with the all-new MIDI Editor,
which makes it easier than ever to compose with virtual instruments and sound

Stretch Your Pitch
Effortlessly transpose a region to a different key or fix its pitch in real
time with the new Elastic Pitch, the perfect complement to Elastic Time.
Comp Tracks to Perfection
Create the perfect performance from multiple takes faster and easier than ever
with the new track compositing workflows.

Extended Hardware Control
Gain more control and powerful mapping capabilities between Pro Tools and your
ICON console, Avid control surface, or M-Audio peripheral.
Expanded Pro Tools|HD Workflows
With Pro Tools|HD systems, take advantage of new options that integrate HD and
SD video workflows or sync multiple Pro Tools|HD systems.



Pro Tools MP HD 8.0.3 cs2 + Emulator / Crack


1) Unpack
2) Run Install.app
3) If you have issues installing, try opening terminal and running
the install.command as a super-user
(i.e. cd /path/to/install/folder
sudo ./install.command)
4) If you receive an error saying XVXDevice couldn’t be loaded,
because one with same uuid is already loaded, that means you must
reboot after it’s installed.

Pro Tools HD 8.03 Full

pro tools 8

Pro Tools M-Powered v7.4 CS3 + Crack

DigiDesign Pro Tools M-Powered v7.4

+ Update CS3




Digidesign Pro Tools M-Powered software is an exciting new version of the award-winning Pro Tools software designed to work with select M-Audio hardware peripherals. An ideal way to professionally record, edit, and mix music, Pro Tools M-Powered software includes many of the same features that top studios rely on to produce Grammy® Award–winning albums and Academy Award–winning film sound.

Pro Tools M-Powered software allows home studio users and people who need highly portable recording solutions to take advantage of the recording industry’s most popular audio/MIDI production software along with a variety of M-Audio interfaces. Users can also access additional products from Digidesign and Digidesign Development Partners designed specifically for Pro Tools, including the Command|8 control surface.

Pro Tools M-Powered software is easy to use and offers cross-platform support for both Windows XP– and Mac OS X–based computers. What’s more, sessions created with Pro Tools M-Powered software will open on Digidesign Pro Tools|HD and LE systems, giving users instant compatibility with countless Pro Tools–equipped project and professional studios around the world.

* Award-winning Pro Tools® recording, editing, and mixing
* 32 simultaneous audio tracks (128 virtual audio tracks), expandable to 48 tracks*
* Fully integrated MIDI sequencing with 256 simultaneous MIDI tracks
* Over 40 processing plug-ins, virtual instruments, and compatible applications
* Support for streaming ReWire applications into Pro Tools
* Unique Beat Detective™ LE automatic groove analysis and correction tool
* Support for the Digidesign Command|8 control surface
* Huge selection of compatible third-party plug-ins and software options
* Works on Windows Vista, XP and Mac OS X computers
* Compatible with more than 20 M-Audio hardware peripherals

Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 CS3 + Crack (271mb)

OVERWRITE following files with the ones in CRACK dir:C:\Program Files\Digidesign\Pro Tools\ProTools M-Powered.exe
C:\Program Files\Digidesign\Pro Tools\OMF.dll
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Digidesign\DAE\Codecs\MP3\MP3.dll
UPDATE Copie e substitua os seguintes arquivos:C:\Arquivo de programas\Digidesign\Pro Tools\ProTools M-Powered.exe
C:\Arquivo de programas\Digidesign\Pro Tools\DAE.dll

Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4 CS8 + Crack

Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4 CS8 + Toolkit

Win 7 Fix



Get ready for a revolutionary new way to work with Pro Tools. Digidesign Pro Tools 7.4 software, featuring the time-manipulating power of Elastic Time, will have you approaching your projects in creative new ways, making working with tempo- and time-based sessions a whole lot easier and imaginative. Plus, increased support for Avid® video and shared storage solutions streamline the workflow between audio and video editors.

Stretch Your Sound with Elastic Time
Whether you’re a musician, composer, music producer, ADR engineer, or sound editor, Elastic Time makes it easy to change tempo or time on the fly. Change the tempo and timing of loops, music, dialog, and other sound files without cutting up audio. Easily create loops from any audio file — even entire compositions — with the help of powerful tempo and transient analysis. And when you import audio files and loops, they automatically conform to match your session’s tempo. You can even use REX and Acid loops right in Pro Tools.


Digidesign Pro Tools LE v7.4 CS8 + Crack (458mb)

       !install of pt 7.4 cs8 -MUST_be _default_ dir!
a.k.a     c:\program files\digidesign
so if u have ur program files on x: -it wont work.
1.install pt7.4-reboot
2.install cs8 update -reboot
3.install the stuff in “toolkit” folder
-READ THE iNFO IN THAT FOLDER firstnote to self:uninstall old shit first
using the *nuker* highly recommended.


Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 Mac OSX

Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 + Serial




Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 Mac OSX full free download

 Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 Mac OSX crack

Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7.4.2 Mac OSX

The new Pro Tools 7.4 introduces a concept named Elastic Time or Elastic Audio (ET/EA, from now on in this review) reminiscent of a name already used by Ableton since the debut of its sequencer/tracker Live. Its creators claim that the concept behind ET/EA is revolutionnary and that it will change the way we work. Excessive affirmation or true numeric revolution? Let’s see…

One of the most exciting additions in Pro Tools LE 7.4 is the Elastic Time feature, which greatly improves the program”s transient detection and time-stretching functionality.

Having significantly leveled the MIDI playing field with the introduction of Pro Tools 7.0, Digidesign has since turned its attention to the needs of loop-based musicians. Ironically, for a program that helped define the notion of nonlinear audio editing, Pro Tools’ audio had started to seem downright linear compared with the looping and time-stretching work flows of programs such as Sony Acid and Ableton Live.

Version 7.4 introduces Elastic Time, Digidesign’s unique take on making audio as flexible as MIDI. While still less radical than the cell-based approach favored by Live and Cakewalk Project 5, Elastic Time’s presence means Pro Tools users will rarely have to stress over combining loops with different original tempos. Many other features — a total of 183 pages of What’s New documentation — have been added since we reviewed Pro Tools 7.0, so this review will highlight the most significant new features in version 7.4. (See the online bonus material for a rundown of features new to Pro Tools LE 7.3.) Everything here applies to both LE and M-Powered unless otherwise noted, and nothing here is absent from HD.



Digidesign Pro Tools LE v7.4.2 + Serial (314mb)