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Propellerhead Reason 9.2.0 for Win x86/x64

Propellerhead Reason 9.2.0

WiN x86/x64

Propellerhead Software today announced Reason 9, the latest version of the DAW, which introduces a host of new devices, sounds, and creative tools that have been developed to provide the fastest, most enjoyable path from inspiration to a polished song, say its makers.

“Reason 9 is the most exciting version yet, with major new features that are sure to help everyone make more and better music,” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Propellerhead Product Marketing Manager. “For Reason 9, we focused on the journey from inspiration to perfection. The new devices and sounds can spark a million new ideas, while the new tools and highly requested features help you polish those ideas to perfection. Reason 9 makes it fun and easy for everyone to capture their inspiration and develop musical ideas.”

Reason 9 introduces three Player devices that instantly transform any MIDI input into music. Note Echo creates rhythmic, pitched MIDI delays for melodies, drum rolls, and more. Scales & Chords turns simple melodies into beautiful harmonies and chords so you can stay focused on the music making. Transpose notes to a selected scale and automatically generate chords for your song, no music theory required. Dual Arpeggio transforms chords into intricate rhythms. From classic up-and-down to polyphonic and polyrhythmic, Dual Arpeggio breathes new life into any instrument in your Reason rack.

Reason’s new Pitch Edit mode also lets you fix out-of-tune notes, add vibrato, change your timing, create new melodies from your recording, change the dynamics, and more. Then convert your vocals to MIDI notes for endless sound manipulation possibilities using Audio to MIDI.

Reason 9 also comes with 1000 new cutting-edge sounds to ignite your creativity, and the important Reason rack is also enhanced with key workflow improvements and darker theme options, perfect for late-night studio sessions.

Reason is easy to get started with, yet as deep as you want it to be. It’s the music-making software that helps you create, discover and collaborate with musicians worldwide. Take your project from concept to completion entirely with Reason. Create with synths, samplers, loops and drum machines. Record live instruments, or your entire band. Collaborate with other music makers. Then polish your project with a built-in million-dollar mixer and an arsenal of studio effects.

Inspire your sound with Reason’s intuitive flow and limitless sonic palette. It’s everything you need to write, record, remix and produce unique, original tracks. And with the new music-making service, you can share the process with musicians worldwide to create a masterpiece together. Create, share, collaborate and remix with others using Propellerhead’s new music-making service. Bridge the gap between mobile and studio by seamlessly moving ideas between Figure, Take and Reason. Share your music on Allihoopa—the new creative hub for your music.

New in Reason 9

Players – All-new creative devices for fast inspiration. Attach it to an instrument and transform your MIDI input into sweet, sweet music. Get musical results fast!

Note Echo – Create rhythmic, pitched MIDI delays. Use it for melodies, sparkling arpeggios, drum rolls and more. Stack multiple Note Echoes for polyphonic delays.

Scales & Chords – Never be out of tune again. Transpose all incoming notes to a scale and automatically create chords that fit your song. A simple melody can be transformed into complex chord structures.

Dual Arpeggio – Two arpeggiators on steroids! Play two classic arpeggiators or polyphonic patterns simultaneously, creating intricate and inspiring rhythms in seconds.

Pitch Edit – Perfect your vocal performances. Fix out-of-tune notes, add vibrato, change your timing, create new melodies from your recording, change the dynamics and more!

New sound bank – Reason 9 sounds better than ever with 900+ new patches. Jaw-dropping, modern sounds, right out of the box. The new sound bank makes it easier than ever to find inspirational sounds.

Themes – Customize the look of Reason 9. Use the Blue Theme for a softer look or use the Dark Theme if you’re a night person.

Pulsar – Modulate your rack with the Pulsar Dual LFO. Add wobble, vibrato or vibe to anything you want. Create interesting rhythms with cross modulation or great groove with the shuffle knob. It’s also one nasty mono synth!

New in version 9:

Players, all-new creative devices for fast musical inspiration
Create rhythmic, pitched MIDI delays with Note Echo
Transpose all incoming notes to a scale and automatically create chords that fit your song
Play two classic arpeggiators or polyphonic patterns simultaneously
Modulate your rack with the Pulsar Dual LFO
900+ new patches with jaw-dropping, modern sounds, right out of the box
Customize the look of reason 9 with Themes
Reverse MIDI notes and automation


WINDOWS x86/x64

Propellerhead Reason 9.2.0d112 / Full Version




Propellerhead ReCycle v2.2.4 + Keygen WIN/OSX

Propellerhead ReCycle 2.2.4 + Keygen




ReCycle is a creative tool that helps you make the most of your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do with sampled loops what you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds – like alter the tempo, or replace sounds and process them individually. A tool for quickly editing sampled parts, chopping up riffs, remixing and doing mash ups.

How is it done? ReCycle will analyze your groove and break it up into its rhythmic components. You are now in complete control and free to change the tempo or the pitch, without one affecting the other. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Then what? Load the resulting REX2 file into your audio sequencer or software sampler and you can be the master of your grooves, once and for all.

Version 2.2.4:

  • Fixes a problem that would sometimes prevent ReCycle from running under Windows 8.


1) Unzip, Unrar and install
2) Use keygen
3) Have Phun!



Propellerhead ReCycle v2.2.4 + Keygen (29mb)

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Propellerhead Reason v6.5.3 x86/x64 + Crack

Propellerhead Reason v6.5.3 + Crack

x86 / x64



Propllerhead Reason v6.5 full crack download



Propellerhead Reason 6.5.3 is a professional and one of the best music maker software allows producers, music makers, amateurs and professionals to create amazing music tracks, instrumentals, MIDI, using a huge package of instruments such as: synthesizer, guitar, drums, flute, piano, electric guitar, violin and so much more…! You can also add other music and sound plugins. Propellerhead Reason 6.5.3 free download allows to create music, add special sound effects, vocal effects, and much more to discover. Download Propellerhead Reason 6.5.3 and enjoy a new music making experience! Now let’s discover the features.

– Use Polar for classic harmonizing, stereo-widening, and realtime pitch-shifting, or experiment with buffer looping and audio freezing to create
– Advanced exporting – export your separate mixer channels as individual audio stems, including effects and tempo track
– Unlimited audio recording and instrument channels
– Live sampling
– Add whatever your music needs – be it instruments or effects
– Fully featured high-precision multitrack sequencer with Blocks mode and audio comping tools
– High quality realtime time stretch & audio transpose
– Add music plugins and enjoy more music creativity

1-  Install the program
2-  Go to crack folder and copy “Reason.exe” to install directory and replace the original one.
3-  Done.. Run Reason 6.5.3 Enjoy this full release!


Propellerhead Reason v6.5.3 x86/x64 + Crack (3.8GB)

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Propellerhead Reason 6.5.3 + Crack / MAC OS X

Propellerhead Reason v6.5.3 + Crack







Reason is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. It emulates a rack of hardware synthesizers, samplers, signal processors, sequencers, and mixers, all of which can be freely
interconnected in an arbitrary manner.

Reason can be used either as a complete virtual music studio or as a collection of virtual instruments to be played live or
used with other sequencing software. With its generous sound bank and intuitive flow, Reason helps you along in the creative process and is the music software that never gets in your way. Walk into any professional recording studio and you will see racks filled to the brim with different tools used in music production from reverb to compressors, vocoders, synths, distortion units, and parametric EQs. Unlike a real studio, however, if you want another synth or an extra compressor you can create one from a menu rather than taking that second job or signing up for those experimental clinical drug trials.

Included with Reason is a huge sound bank full of inspiring instruments, synth patches, loops, and effects. Patches have been created by producers like Death Cab for Cutie’s Jason McGerr, Bomb Squad’s Hank Shocklee, Black Eyed Peas’ Printz Board, DJ Lucky Date, Kill the Noise, and more.



Propellerhead Reason 6.5.3 + Crack




Propellerhead Reason 5 + Update WIN/OSX

Propellerhead Reason 5.0.1 + Keygen






Propellerheads Reason 5 – Updated instruments, effects, sequencing and more for composing, beatmaking, loop-mangling, vocal treatment, songwriting and music production. Including Kong Drum Designer, Upgraded Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player, Block Sequencing and Live Sampling. Make your songs self-contained by embedding samples and even ReFill sounds in your file. Reason 5’s self-contained song format makes collaborating with your friends a breeze. Even breezier than before actually. Reason 5 lets you use multiple MIDI keyboards, pads, and controllers for playing and recording your instruments. Lock a 16-pad controller to a Kong, and use a keyboard to play your synths. Or use two keyboards on stage for controlling different Reason instruments.

The upgraded Dr. Octo Rex loop player loads eight REX loops into one player and lets you switch between them on the fly. This makes arranging a breeze – load the drum loops into one player, the guitars into another and use the sequencer to select what loop to play in a pattern-like fashion. With eight loops to switch between, the new loop player also comes ready for the experimental minded. Set the player to retrig the loops on the beat, on the bar or on the 16th note. Or program the loops manually like in the original rex player.

Many musicians tend to think of music in terms like intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, buildup and so on. With the new Blocks mode in Reason 5, your sequencer does too. Blocks lets you sequence your songs using a more pattern-based approach, with the segments of your song as individual building blocks to be laid out in your arrangement.

Sampling in Reason is simple and straightforward. Hit the sample button and Reason starts sampling. Reason will detect the sample start automatically. You can sample when Reason is running too if you like – no need to stop the music. Use a mic, a turntable, an instrument or the entire Reason mix.

The Kong Drum Designer is not your regular drum module. It’s the drum module focused on letting you get exactly that drum sound you’re after. Kong has 16 pads and 16 drums. Build your drum sounds based on any of the nine different drum modules. Flavor the sound with 11 support generators and effects. Program automation, create alternating groups and let Reason’s powerful sequencer control the beat. Reason 5 ships with a sound bank with a generous supply of kits for Kong across a wide variety of styles.

In Reason 5 there are tons of changes to bring Reason up to speed with Record. These changes include advanced multi core support, improved cable management in the rack, faster sample loading, on-screen piano keyboard, sequencer usability improvements and much much more.

Propellerheads Reason 5 Main Features Include:
* Kong Drum Designer
* Upgraded Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
* Block Sequencing
* Live Sampling
* Automatic Self-Contain of Samples (incl from ReFills)
* Record Notes on Multiple Tracks
* Scale Clips by Resizing
* Mute Tool
* Set and move loop functions
* Tap Tempo
* Improved key commands for laptop use
* Hierarchical menus in Combinator programmer
* Additional CV inputs on Combinator
* Updated Help system (incl Help on Mac)
* Normalize and reverse audio clips
* Bounce clip to sample

* MAC System Requirements:
Intel Mac (multiple cores highly recommended), 1 GB RAM or more, DVD drive, Mac OS X 10.4 or later, 2 GB free hard disk space, Monitor with 1024×768 resolution or larger, CoreAudio compliant audio interface or built-in audio hardware, A MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended

* Windows System Requirements:
Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon or better, 1GB RAM, DVD drive, Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7, 2 GB free hard disk space, Monitor with 1024×768 resolution or larger, A 16 bit Windows compatible audio card, preferably with an ASIO driver, A MIDI interface and a MIDI keyboard recommended


1) Extract using WinRar
2) Mount and install using Daemon Tools or any other disk image emulator
3) Do not run or open Reason 5 when the installation is finsihed
4) Open Reason keygen and select \”v5\”
5) Generate and copy serial number
6) Open Reason 5 and paste the serial number
7) Install Update



Propellerhead Reason v5.0.1 + Keygen


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Propellerhead Thor Polysonic Synthesizer v1.0.1 iPAD

Propellerhead Thor Polysonic Synthesizer v1.0.1 .ipa

for iPAD







A playable iPad version of
Reason’s massive Thor synthesizer, with all
of its features—and then some

Thor for iPad puts the mighty Thor synthesizer at your fingertips. Reason’s legendary flagship synth delivers a thunderous sound, god-like sound sculpting capabilities and an innovative, lighting-fast keyboard designed for iPad. Thor is a synthesis playground, a flexible sonic workhorse, but above all, an expressive musical instrument for the iPad.

Thor sounds like no synthesizer you’ve ever heard before—and every single one of them. Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. What does this give you? Simply the most powerful synth ever created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilises synthesizer technology from the last 40 years.

A synth-geek’s dream synth

Thor offers a deep and versatile synth app for your iPad. From its debut in Reason, Thor was designed as a synth geek’s dream synth. Combine its selection of oscillator types, filter designs flexible routing and above all: a sound like nothing else. What you get is a true monster of a synth, capable of doing anything, yet easy to understand and quick to get started with. On the iPad, Thor’s interface has been designed with tactile control in mind.


Thor Polysonic Synthesizer v1.0.1 .ipa – Cracked for iPad


Propellerhead Reason 4.0 + Keygen

Propellerhead Reason 4.0 + Keygen




Reason 4 is far more than a virtual instrument or even a collection of virtual instruments, it is a complete music creation and environment loaded with powerful tools such as synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines. Reason 4 has all of the effects, signal processors, and complex routing options of a full-fledged DAW and more. From its simplest subtractive synthesizer “Subtractor” to its complex “Thor” modular synthesizer, Reason 4 will inspire you to create the sounds, textures, and sequences you need to express yourself with music. Its analog-style, virtual rack environment is incredibly intuitive, and its flexible routing and automation options are nearly limitless. So, whether you’re scoring films or making beats, add Reason 4 to your toolbox and let the inspiration begin.

What makes Reason 4’s user interface powerful is its sheer intuitive design. There are two parts to Reason 4’s environment, a control section with all of the main transport controls and sequencer tracks, and the virtual rack. The control section is simple to navigate and as straight forward as possible, but the astonishing aspect of Reason 4’s design is the virtual rack. Reason 4’s rack appears to be an endless virtual 19″ equipment rack, into which you load its devices. With the push of a button, you can flip the rack around and access these units’ cables. The cables are color coded to keep them separate, and by simply dragging and dropping from one unit’s output to another’s input, you can rout Reason 4’s signal paths.

Reason 4 is primarily a music production program (though it’s a favorite amongst sound designers as well), so synthesizers and samplers make up the bulk of its devices. You get an impressive selection of sound modules, including subtractive, wavetable, granular, and modular synthesizers; simple mono-timbrel and complex multi-timbrel samplers; a loop-based sampler; and sample-based drum machine. You get an enormous library of sounds and preset options, so you never have to make your own patches if you don’t want to. However, each of Reason 4’s sound modules has advanced signal and control options to satisfy anyone who wants to go beyond the stock sounds.

When it comes to signal routing and effects, Propellerhead certainly doesn’t hold back. You have access to an unlimited number of console-style and line-style mixers, allowing for sub-mixing and grouping with a clear visual distinction between groups. There are simple and complex versions of reverb and distortion units, as well as creative extras including a “Combinator” that lets you create advanced layers and splits between instruments, and a vocoder that lets you create some crazy sounds. On top of that, Reason 4 gives you a powerful set of mastering-grade dynamics processors that you can use to pump up your mix. Once you start exploring the endless possibilities of Reason 4, you’ll never make music the same way again.

Propellerhead Reason 4 Music Production Software Features at a Glance:

  • Powerful and intuitive hardware-style environment
  • Virtually unlimited number of instruments at once
  • Vast libraries of samples and patch configurations
  • Seven incredible synthesizers and samplers
  • Full Effects Suite with over a dozen effects and processors
  • New groove and arpeggiation tools for added flexibility

Propellerhead Reason 4.0 + Keygen (2.02GB)


Only Keygen for Reason v1.0 to v5.0


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Propellerhead ReBirth v1.2 iOS / ReBirth v1.4.3 iPad

Propellerhead Software ReBirth v1.2 iOS

+ ReBirth v1.4.3 iPad

iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch




ReBirth is back! Propellerhead Software’s legendary Techno Micro Composer has been resurrected and made available for the iPhone. ReBirth faithfully emulates dance music’s three backbone devices: The Roland TB-303 Bass synth and the Roland TR-808 and 909 drum machines. Combine these with FX units, fully featured pattern.

What’s New in Version 1.2

Wireless sync-start over Bluetooth with WIST compatible apps.
You can now sync with your friend’s iPad or iPhone to create a dynamic live performances. Compatible apps include Korg iElectribe, iMS-20 and of course ReBirth 1.2 on other iPhones and iPads


Propellerhead Software ReBirth v1.2 iOS – Cracked (32mb)



Propellerhead ReBirth v1.4.3 iPad – Cracked (28mb)