Novation Automap Pro v3.7.4 WIN & MAC OSX

Novation Automap Pro v3.7.4





Automap 3 is the latest incarnation of Novation’s intelligent software system. Automap is unique to Novation’s MIDI controllers, and has now been enhanced with a wealth of eagerly anticipated features. Until now Automap had focused on plug-in control, but exciting developments bring a new level of DAW control. No matter what music software you use, Automap offers an instant controlling solution for all your plug-ins. It supports VST. It allows hardware controllers to interact with plug-in instruments and effects. Opening up any Automappable plug-in instantly maps parameters to physical controls on Novation’s SL- and Nocturn controllers. These can be re-assigned using an ultra-quick ‘learn’ mode, which simply involves clicking the on-screen parameter and touching the desired hardware controller. In addition to DAW control templates on board the SL range (mixer, transport etc) Automap 3 comes with full HUI implementation for control of HUI compatible DAWs such Logic, Pro Tools and Digital Performer.

Automap is a piece of software that comes with all Novation controllers. It has been designed to make the job of assigning your hardware controls to various software parameters quick and easy.

Automap 3.7.4
The latest version of Automap

It is recommended that users reboot their computer after the installation.

+ The Waves 8 features are not fully implemented, Waves 8 users are not advised to install this beta.
+ Logic users who previously used ‘Automap Logic Mixer’ should go to Logic > Preferences > Control Surfaces > Rebuild Defaults, to update Logic’s mixer settings.

+ Fixed crash with Plug-In Manager under certain conditions.
+ Fixed drumpad calibration issue with Nocturn Keyboard
+ Updated firmware for Remote SL Compact to version 4.2.03
+ Added partial native support for Waves 8 plug-ins (not fully implemented)
+ added notification when trying to wrap Waves 8 plug-ins in Plug-In Manager
+ fixed some Waves VST3 mono plug-ins not able to be automapped
+ Added and improved some default mappings
+ Added 64 bit plug-in display in Plug-In Manager for Windows 7 64 systems
+ updated VST3 search paths on Windows 7 64 system in Plug-In Manager
+ updated Windows Novation USB Driver to 2.1 release version
+ fixed Digital Performer 7 crash on some systems
+ improved VST3 wrapper using the latest VST3 SDK

Remote SL Compact 4.2.03 release notes:
+ fixed keyboard sensing on some units

Known issues:
+ Some Cubase VST3 mappings may have unusual button types.
+ Presonus Studio One will not load automap wrapped VST3 plug-ins.
+ VST plug-in in Live with SL hardware will only display parameter name if plug-in GUI not instantiated.
+ Certain plug-ins running 32 bit bridge in Logic 9 may not appear as wrapped.
+ For Remote SL & Remote Zero SL users, the sustain pedal, expression pedal, drum pads & XY pad have fixed CC assignments to the designated automap MIDI output port
+ Fabfilter VST3 plug-in not recognised in certain Windows systems.
+ Waves H-delay, Morphoder, GRT Amp, GTR Stomp 2,4,6 and GTR ToolRack VST3 will crash upon instantiating if wrapped
+ Waves Morphoder appears twice in Plug-In Manager and cannot be uncheck after both version has been wrapped.
+ Automation do not write from hardware on Waves 8 AU and RTAS format
+ Cannot Learn Waves 8 AU in Live
+ Some buttons may not be translated properly to the UltraNova encoders.
+ Midi Client may crash upon quitting Automap after quitting Logic



Novation Automap Pro v3.7.4 + Crack (74mb)