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iZotope Iris 2 v2.01 WIN & MAC OSX

iZotope Iris 2 v2.01



iZoptope IRIS v2.00

iZoptope IRIS 2 crack

iZoptope IRIS 2 free download


Iris 2: The World is Your Instrument

Create and discover musical sounds that have never been heard before. An inspiring sample-based synthesizer, Iris 2 is immediately playable—combining the power of a sampler, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the fun of spectral filtering.

Get started fast by selecting from hundreds of expertly crafted Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Rhythmic patches. Then customize or build your own patches with an 11 GB factory library of intriguing audio samples, a modern modulation system, classic filters, evocative effects, and more. Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Iris 2.

Key Highlights

Explore a world of sound: Load one of hundreds of fresh and inspiring patches, and easily experiment with the most relevant parameters via Macro controls.
Build your own synth: Invent sounds that are completely your own by layering up to four different samples from a built-in collection of analog oscillator waveforms, an 11 GB sample library, or your own personal audio files.
Design your own filters: Get the best-sounding and most unique filters by drawing, selecting, and isolating sonic components from each sample layer using iZotope’s award-winning spectral filtering technology.
Shape your own sound: Develop expressive, dynamic, and evolving musical sounds with the powerful and flexible new modulation system. Access every control from one window, or reveal only what you need with a dynamic new user interface.


Version 2.01 released December 17, 2014
Enhancements and fixes:
Addressed an issue with patch translation between Iris 1 and Iris 2 (read more here).
Addressed an issue with saving of translated patches.
Addressed an issue with amplitude envelopes.
Addressed an issue with MIDI CC assignment.
Envelope curve adjustments have been optimized for refined control.
New LFO Wavetables with Iris 1 legacy waveshapes are included.

WiN32 – EXE / VST / VST3 / RTAS
WiN64 – EXE / VST / VST3 / AAX




iZotope Iris 2 v2.01 + Emulator (337mb)



iZotope Iris 2 v2.01 + Crack (359mb)


LVC-Audio Transector v1.1.1 VST VST3 x86 x64

LVC-Audio Transector v1.1.1 VST VST3 x86 x64


LVC-Audio Transector v1.1.1 keygen

Transector is a transient design audio plugin, used to attenuate various transient qualities of an audio signal. Use it to boost the initial attack of various instruments, such as adding more crack to a snare or kick drum. Simultaneously, you can use Transector to alter the decaying portion of audio. This is useful in many situations,

When two knobs are just not enough

Transector is a highly customizable transient designer that you can use in a variety of mixing situations, with a variety of sonic material, and as a creative tool. Although the default settings work in many situations, Transector gives you access to many advanced features. This includes:
external side-chain controls
side-chain filter and solo controls
separate left- and right-signal transient processing
mid/side mode with adjustable transient gain amounts
transient metering
three separate transient gain stages (attack, sustain, and release)
input metering, output metering, and adjustable waveform history display

Three independent Transient Bands

Instead of just Attack and Release, Transector includes a third band: Sustain. The Sustain band is an adjustable middle band between Attack and Release. By adding a third Transient band, you can use Transector to focus-in on different aspects of a track’s sound. Increase the body of the sound without over exaggerating the attack, or roll-off the decay of a sound without removing all of the tone.

Get Creative

Transector includes extreme settings; settings that you can use to create new sounds. By taking advantage of Transector’s side-chain controls and mid/side settings, Transector can help tracks sit in the mix, or stand out with flair.

Useful interface

Transector shares a common interface with ClipShifter, with input metering, output metering, and a waveform history view. Transector also shows you directly what is occurring with the two independent transient detectors. Use the controls to easily set advanced transient detection settings, or to adjust the transition areas between Attack, Sustain, and Release



Transector v1.1.1 VST VST3 x86/x64 + Keygen


Avid Studio v1.1.0.2887 Multilinguage

Avid Studio v1.1.0.2887 Multilinguage

Avid Studio v1.1.0.2887 free download

Avid Studio crack

Avid Studio v1.1.0.2887 crack

Avid Studio free download

Avid Studio is not related to the AVID program and liquids as a new product aimed at advanced users. The programs interface resembles the interface of Pinnacle Studio, has an unlimited number of tracks, and the program is complemented by a set of special effects and transitions. Avid Studio includes:
. Multimedia search, quick video, photos and audio files. It is very easy to use, equipped with an easy to use.
. Editor of the media reaching for editing videos, photos and audio files without having to resort to third party applications.
. Multi-timeline editor, offering professional ways to edit video and audio tracks. Includes many smooth transitions between frames and effects. Allows you to work with many layers.
. Records on DVD and Blu-ray formats.
. an impressive collection of plug-professional level that will make your movies in Hollywood entertainment.
. SmartTools tools to help in the complicated setup and accelerate the process of creating films or videos.
Avid Studio – Make professional films and multimedia projects with confidence technology in Hollywood! Transform your high definition videos, photos and audio files to rich experiences, multimedia software with Avid Studio production of the film – with the same technology used by Hollywoods leading publishers.
Edit like a pro with sophisticated photo and video tools for correction, a powerful library that organizes all your media in one place, unlimited timeline tracks for advanced effects, and more. In depth training materials that can start quickly, and the included templates, effects and transitions from a source of inspiration for each new project. Integrated records and creating a variety of export formats make it easy to share your production with family, friends and the world. Key Features:
– The sophisticated video editing tools, including markers and keyframes
– Powerful media management library to organize videos, photos and audio files
– Media Editor to apply corrections and effects to videos, photos and audio
– Unlimited timeline tracks for advanced editing and composition
– Professional add-ons and plug-ins (worth over U.S. $ 2,000):
– Red Giant plug-in packages
– Complete package Avid content
– 100 additional HD video transitions
– Complete collection of videos of classroom procedures in demand for T
– Movement caption to add graphics and text
– Audio tools for professional sound quality
– 5.1 Surround Sound import / export functionality
– AVCHD burning, DVD authoring and Blu-ray Disc and recording tools
– 5 x 6 sheet of green screen chroma-key effects
. Input options:
– Capture from DV, HDV and Digital8 camcorders or VCRs (requires a FireWire port)
– Capture from analog camcorders, 8 MM, HI 8, VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, or VCRs (NTSC / PAL / SECAM) (Requires Pinnacle Dazzle video or hardware)
– Import from AVCHD * and others based? Video files, digital cameras, mobile devices and webcams
. Import Formats:
– Video: AVCHD * Lite * AVCHD, Blu-ray BD *, DV, HDV, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX *, MPEG-4 *, 3GP (MPEG-4, H.263) * WMV, unencrypted DVD titles (including DVD-VR / + VR), QuickTime (DV, MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264), DivX MKV Plus *
– Audio: MP3, MPA, M4A, WAV, AC3 *, WMA
– Graphics: BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PSD, TGA, TIF, WMF, PNG, J2K. Export formats:
– AVCHD, AVCHD Lite *, BD Blu-ray * DVD (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD + R or DVD + RW, dual layer)
– Apple iPod, Sony PSP/PS3, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox compatible formats *
– DV, HDV, AVI, DivX *, RealVideo 8, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 *, Flash, 3GP *, WAV, MP2, MP3 *, QuickTime, MP4 *, H.264 *, YouTube HD *, Plus * MKV DivX
– Dolby Digital 2/5.1 audio channels *
. Optional accessories:
– DVD burner for creating DVD and AVCHD *
– Blu-ray burner for creating Blu-ray * Minimum system requirements:
– Windows 7, Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)
– Intel Core Duo 1.8 GHz, Core i3, or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800 + 2.0 GHz or higher
– Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 GHz, Intel Core i7 i5 GHz or 1.06 or higher required for AVCHD *
– 2 GB of RAM or higher, 4 GB for 64-bit Windows
– DirectX 9 (or higher) graphics with support for Pixel Shader 3.0, such as:
– ATI X1000 series (or higher)
– Nvidia GeForce 6 series (or higher)
– Intel GMA X3000 series (or higher)
– 128 MB of VRAM VGA, we recommend 256 MB or higher required for AVCHD *
– Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800 or higher
– Compatible with Windows sound card (to see surround Surround output *)
– 5.8 GB of disk space
– DVD-ROM drive for installation
Whats New in Avid Studio General:
– In terms of performance and stability improvements
– Improved memory efficiency
– Fixed various localization issues
-Fixed several problems with the information in certain media articles
– Correctly restoring view filter when adding a new tab view
– Fixed some problems with scene detection
Film editor:
– Fixed problems with VST plug-ins
– Improved behavior when adding clips to the track blocked
– Effects can be previewed in the library
– Indicator of effect will now be displayed properly in the clip for stabilizing effect
– Fixed problems in fractal cloud effect
– Fixed problem when using Pan & Zoom effect on a clip on top of a visible background
– Fixed some issues when using MP4 files in projects
– Fixed the frame rate problems when using a 1080/30p video
– Improved performance in timeline navigation Editing titles:
– Fixed problem with unwanted cursor jumps when entering text
– Improved editing interface degree of user behavior
Disc edition:
– Menus: Main button now well hidden in the top menu
– Menus: Fixed issue with right button highlights on DVD
– Menu Designer: Fixed issue with inconsistent layer names
– Menu Designer: Fixed the problem by undoing the creation or transfer of a button
– Menu Designer: Improved context help information
– Fixed problems caused by failures reproduction chapter dual-layer DVD
– Use the name provided by the user as the image name of DVD / BD rather than the name of the project
– Simulation of DVD: good start playback from the selected menu
– Fixed issues with how to Ignore duplicate ”
– Show thumbnails suitable for DVD chapters to select DVD importer
– Fixed the calculation of export size for Blu-Ray
– Set the encoding quality issues with AVCHD
– Fixed various problems with exporting DivX files
– Improvements in the film and the clip of calculations


Avid Studio v1.1.0.2887 Update / Patch + Serial


iZotope Stutter Edit v1.0.5 WIN & MAC OSX

iZotope Stutter Edit v1.0.5 + Emulator



iZotope Stutter Edit v1.0.5 full free download


It’s an effect. It’s an instrument. It’s Stutter Edit – an innovative tool for both studio and stage, designed by BT and developed by iZotope. Tear up your tracks in real time, building thrilling fills, complex effects, shimmering sweeps, and staggering stutters that will leave your listeners screaming for more. They’ll think you spent hours slaving over the slices but all it took was a press of a key. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) Push your performances and production into a new realm of musical intensity with Stutter Edit.

Stutter Edit’s features revolve around an innovative engine that continuously samples live audio, storing that audio in a buffer that can be manipulated in a myriad of ways. The key to unlocking Stutter Edit’s capabilities is the use of Gestures: a set of effects and their associated timelines that reside on a single MIDI note. The audible result of a Gesture can vary from simple to complex – a Gesture could simply repeat a small chunk of audio at an 1/8 note rhythmic rate, or it could trigger a run of raging glitches that get decimated by a bit crusher before being filtered into a wash of echoes. Whoa.

Condensing such sonic adventures into a single key press is what makes Stutter Edit so playable, especially with its intelligent sense of timing. Stutter Edit is designed with musicality in mind, which frees you to make wild sounds that still feel like a natural part of your tracks. Outside of the studio, couple Stutter Edit with a host like Ableton Live to rocket your performances into a new world of organic improvisation.

Stutter gestures
Stutter Gestures combine real-time sampling and audio chopping with a range of versatile color effects. Think you already can make stutter effects with some other ‘beat-repeaty’ effect you have? Think again. Simply put, Stutter Edit makes sounds you’ve never heard before. Trigger Stutter Gestures back-to-back to create limitless combinations of rhythmic variation and audio decimation.

Generator gestures
While Stutter Gestures process audio, Generator Gestures mix noises and crashes with your track. The Generator gives you the ideal tool for creating washes of noise, dramatic build-ups, and hits that add excitement to a track. For performance, choose where you want the Generator Gesture to end, and no matter where you trigger it, it will intelligently stop on the perfect beat. You can even hold a Generator Gesture as you jump between different Stutter Gestures. The result: an improvised arrangement that sounds like you’ve spent hours toiling in the studio.

Top features:

• Play effects like an instrument
• Remix in real-time, on stage or in the studio
• Cutting edge audio slicing and manipulation
• Elegant and intuitive MIDI control



0.Install iLok driver (iLok License Manager).

1.Uninstall previous versions.
3.Replace “AuthAssistant.exe” with our one.
Win32) C:\Program Files\iZotope\Stutter Edit\win32\
Win64) C:\Program Files (x86)\iZotope\Stutter Edit\win32
C:\Program Files (x86)\iZotope\Stutter Edit\win64
4.Run the app.
5.Start authorization. App detects iLok license.
6.Finish authorization.



iZotope Stutter Edit v1.0.5 + Crack


iZotope Stutter Edit 1.0.5 full free download vst audiox


Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.1.6 WIN & MAC OSX

Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.1.6 x86/x64





Create, produce and perform. Create ideas, make changes without stopping, and capture everything as you work.

If you’ve used music software before, you’re already familiar with one half of Ableton Live. Live’s Arrangement View is a familiar working space: time moves from left to right, while tracks are stacked vertically.

But Live also features the revolutionary Session View: a unique sketchpad for improvising, playing and performing with musical ideas, without the constraints of the timeline. Freely and independently start and stop any number of audio or MIDI loops – everything stays in sync. Almost everything in Live works in real-time – add, reorder or remove devices, play with Live’s flexible track routing and more – all without interrupting your creative flow.

9.1.6 Release Notes

Improvements and feature changes:

Improved graphics for Retina displays. Note that this requires a Mac with OS X 10.7.4 “Lion” or higher.
Added native full screen support for Mac OS X. Note that this requires 10.9 Mavericks or higher and having the option “Displays have separate Spaces” enabled in OS X’ Mission Control system preferences (this is the system’s default). The keyboard shortcut for toggling full-screen mode has been changed accordingly to CTRL+CMD+F, which is the operating system’s default. Users with older OS X versions and Windows users are not affected by this change.
It’s now possible to export selected tracks by choosing ‘Selected Tracks Only’ in the ‘Export Audio / Video’ dialogue box. The option ‘Individual Tracks’ is still available as well, but has been renamed to ‘All Individual Tracks’.
Improved Max application chooser in Live’s ‘File Folder’ preferences pane to be compatible with the folder structure of Max 7 application bundles.
Updated info texts and manuals.


Fixed a bug that could cause memory leaks and an unusually high CPU load when running Live as a ReWire slave on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Some chooser controls would clip the right side of an active entry when closed, e.g. the Auto Filter’s ‘Shape’ chooser would cut off the rightmost line of the square or saw icon.
Clicking on a certain area at the bottom of a track volume slider in Live’s mixer would sometimes cause the slider to move to an unwanted position.
Changing the screen resolution while running Live in full-screen mode would not reset Live’s window to the correct size and still show the window’s title bar. This is now fixed.
Fixed a crash that could occur under certain conditions when loading Live sets containing a large amount of VST plug-ins and Max for Live devices.
Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering over an automation breakpoint or segment on the first automation lane of an Arrangement track and then forcing another automation to be shown on the same lane, e.g. by tweaking a different parameter using a MIDI controller.
Max for Live devices would not pass an “All Notes Off” message to the subsequent devices in a device chain when the Max for Live device was turned off.
VST plug-ins that have a MIDI output would not be able to output a CC 123 MIDI message (“All Notes Off”).
Max for Live MIDI effect devices would not be correctly latency-compensated when the device was turned off and the device had an additional latency defined in its patcher inspector.
The “Session Zoom” feature, which allows to move Live’s Session ring by multiple tracks / scenes at once with certain MIDI control surfaces would stop working under certain conditions.

Windows – x86: 661 MB | x64: 690 MB
Mac OS X – x86: 644 MB | x64: 647 MB
Windows x86/x64
Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.1.6 + Patch
Mac OS X x86/x64
Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.1.6 + Crack


       .:. I N S T R U C T I O N S .:.       

Mac: Copy/Drag Ableton Live 9
and to the Desktop. Launch
patch and drag application into console.
Use generated Authorize.auz to license.

Win: Setup/Install Ableton Live 9 Suite
(Setup.msi). Launch LivePatch.exe then
select ‘patch’ button. Use the Authorize
.auz file in app directory to license.
Any errors can safely be ignored; it’s
due to simultaneous 32/64 bit searching.

ableton live 9 patch


VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1.1 WIN & MAC OSX

FXPansion VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1.1


FXPansion VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1.1

FXPansion VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1.1 serial key

Version 2 of our award winning VST to RTAS Adapter is the easiest and best way to enable your VST effects plugins and VST Instruments in Pro Tools 7.x and 8.x TDM, LE and M-Powered.

VST to RTAS Adapter seamlessly and transparently integrates your VST plug-ins in to Pro Tools, and offers full compatibility with the VST plug-in standard and Pro Tools 7.x and 8.x.

The adapter uses virtually no CPU power or memory and makes a vast range of free and commercial VST plug-ins (over 1,000 available at the last count) available directly within Pro Tools, exactly as if they were native RTAS plug-ins. It’s incredibly easy to use, and available at an affordable price as a direct, instant download from our on-line store.

Compatibility information for VST to RTAS Adapter 2.0

– VST to RTAS Adapter and Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8
– For the adapter to work in 10.7 and 10.8, it is necessary to set permissions on the /Library/Application Support folder so that it is possible to read and write its contents. If it is read-only (this is the default on 10.7 and 10.8), the adapter cannot function.

General compatibility

The current compatibility status of the adapter is that it works for VST2.3 plugins and many VST2.4 plugins. It is not possible, due to technical reasons within Pro Tools itself, to update the adapter to work with all VST2.4 plugins. It is possible for the plugin vendor to update their software for compatibility with the adapter with minimal effort.

The VST to RTAS Adapter consists of a simple and easy to use configuration utility which scans for VST plugins on your system and creates RTAS plugins from them.

Once created, the VST plug-ins are available for use inside Pro Tools as RTAS plugins.

VST Effects and instruments are supported, and there is negligible CPU usage involved: less than 0.05% per plugin instance on a 1GHz computer.



FXPansion VST to RTAS Adapter v2.1.1 + Serial




Bez tytułu


Waves Complete v9r23 WIN & MAC OSX

Waves Complete v9r23 VST VST3 AU RTAS


Waves Complete full


Waves Complete free download

Featuring 64-bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Waves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high performance plugin power.

Waves V9r23 installers – November 27th, 2014:

– The new OneKnob Pumper available separately as well as in Mercury and OneKnob Series.
– GTR3 Amp: microphones selection bug fixed.
– IR Convolution Reverb Series: better CPU distribution for multiple instances on SoundGrid servers.
– NLS Non-Linear Summer Channel: VCA knob now responds well.
– NLS Non-Linear Summer: no longer crashes host when VCA group is modified.
– NLS Non-Linear Summer: no longer crashes MultiRack SoundGrid when changing snapshots on VCA tab.
– NLS Non-Linear Summer: GUI no longer blinks when changing the VCA group inside chainers.
– WLM Plus Loudness Meter: Short and Long meters mode no longer changes to LEQ(m) after GUI collapsing.
– WLM Plus Loudness Meter: Trim now works properly with LU in Momentary Scan.
– WLM Plus Loudness Meter: Gain Reduction meter no longer displays full gain attenuation after collapsing the GUI.
– WLM Plus Loudness Meter: no longer crashes MultiRack SoundGrid when changing snapshot after collapsing the GUI.
– Codex & Element: arpeggiator no longer gets stuck and receives note off in Pro Tools.
– EMI TG12345 Channel Strip: fixed wrong indication on the left VU Gain Reduction.
– WaveShell AAX preferences window restored.
– Windows only: fixed blank GUI issue in several plugins with Intel HD2000/3000 cards.
– Mac only: fixed single-click text entry bug.



Waves Complete v9r23 + Patch



Waves Complete v9r23 + Patch



Waves Complete / SG & Native Applications Patch Release

1.Burn or mount the image.
2.Install the products you want.
To install all products, choose below :

– All Sound Grid blah blah (Optional. Only if you use MultiRack/SoundGrid)
– Mercury
– Abbey Road Collection
– SSL 4000 Collection
– GTR Solo (Optional. Full GTR is included in Mercury)
– WavesTune LT (Optional. Full WavesTune is included in Mercury)

3.Run our patch and start patching with admin rights.
Patching may take long time if your computer is dirty or old.
4.Copy patched WaveShells to your VST/VST3/RTAS plugins dir.
Patched WaveShells are here :
x86 OS : C:\Program Files\Waves\Waveshells\
x64 OS : C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Waveshells\

If you use SoundGrid/NativeRack, copy patched WaveShell-WPAPI_1 9.3.bundle to
x86 OS : C:\Program Files\Common Files\WPAPI\
x64 OS : C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\WPAPI\


If you want to clean up the rigistry before installing,

1.Uninstall previous version.
2.Delete installation folder
3.Delete following registry keys below :

32bit : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Waves
64bit : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Waves

[Unpack WaveShell]
You can unpack the WaveShell with inluded Shell2Vst tool.
When you have compatibility issues with shell, this will help you.
Go to “(WavesInstallationDir)\Waveshells” and drag & drop the dll to the Shell2Vst.
Sperate plugins will be generated to the Waves dir.
Copy them to your plugins dir and remove old shell from there.

[Trouble Shooting]
* Waves ask me installation folder.
In most case, you loaded older WaveShell.
Delete old plugins from your plugins dir.

* I got messages like “no licenses”
It means you failed installing crack correctly.
This will often happen on VST2 installation.
After you install our crack, cracked WaveShells are also installed to “(WavesInstallationDir)\Waveshells” .
If you have problem, copy shells to your plugins dir manually.

* I have problems with GUI
Waves uses OpenGL for GUI.
You should install the latest graphic card driver to avoid the problem.


FXPansion VST to AU Adapter v2.0 MAC OSX UB

FXPansion VST to AU Adapter v2.0



FXPansion VST to AU Adapter v2.0 full free download

 FXPansion VST to AU Adapter v2.0

The VST to AudioUnit Adapter for Mac OSX is a highly-integrated plug-in wrapper that allows users of AudioUnit-compatible applications to integrate VST plug-ins and instruments seamlessly into their working environment.

VST to AU Adapter v2.0 seamlessly and transparently converts your VST plug-ins to Apple Audio Units, and offers full compatibility with the latest versions of Mac OS X and the VST and AU specifications.

The adapter uses virtually no CPU power or memory and makes a vast range of free and commercial VST plug-ins (over 1,000 available at the last count) available directly within your Audio Units host applications, exactly as if they were native AU plug-ins. It’s incredibly easy to use, and available as an instant download from our on-line store.

New in version 2.0:

– Support for Intel-based Macs (Universal Binary VSTs only)
– Plug-in manager allows you to selectively wrap individual plug-ins, rename your plug-ins etc.
– Compatible with all the latest VST plug-ins and AU hosts
– Improved performance and stability

The VST to AU Adapter consists of a simple and easy to use configuration utility which scans for VST plugins on your system and creates Audio Units plugins from them.

Once created, the VST plug-ins are available for use inside all your Audio Units-compatible applications.

VST Effects and instruments are supported, and there is negligible CPU usage involved: less than 0.05% per plugin instance on a 1GHz computer.


FXPansion VST to AU Adapter v2.0 – Cracked