Acoustica Pianissimo v1.012 VSTi

Acoustica Pianissimo v1.0.0.12 VSTi



Pianissimo uses a combination of sample playback and advanced physical modeling to create a stunning acoustic grand piano sound. Starting with 250 MB of high quality samples of a Steinway™ Model D grand piano, Pianissimo uses complex signal processing and programming to recreate the warmth, response, and playability of a real grand piano. This warm, natural sound is then paired with a professional studio-quality reverb algorithm to add the depth and ambiance of a real acoustic space.

Add in modeled sympathetic resonance, incidental mechanical hammer sounds, remarkable control over tone and velocity response, 256 voices of polyphony,
and incredibly low CPU usage, and Pianissimo might just be the best sounding,
most playable virtual piano ever.

The VSTi will operate in any DAW with support for virtual instruments in the VSTi format, including Mixcraft.

The Stand-Alone version supports any MIDI device, and any Wave, ASIO, or WaveRT device. It allows for two-track recording, loading and saving of standard MIDI Type 1 files, and supports mixing down to WAV, MP3, WMA, and Ogg Vorbis files.

Product Features:

Features 250MB of high-quality, quadruple-strike samples from a Steinway™
Model D grand piano, enhanced with acoustic modeling technology to produce
a rich, warm, expressive, and highly realistic grand piano sound.
Ultra-professional integrated studio reverb creates a highly realistic ambience
that places the piano within a true acoustic space.
Unparalleled sample programming creates a fluid, dynamic, expressive tone
without identifiable velocity switching or other digital artifacts.
Advanced sympathetic resonance modeling recreates the subtle shimmer of
piano strings when the damper pedal is depressed.
Adjustable incidental piano sounds, including mechanical noises from damper
pedal and key release, for an unparalleled level of realism.
256 voices of polyphony and low CPU usage make Pianissimo ideal for solo piano
performance, studio compositions, and live performance.
Adjustable piano lid, velocity curve, tone controls, sympathetic resonance, reverb,
and chorus effect allow you to tailor the piano’s tone and response to fit your playing
Works in all major digital audio recording software packages (including Mixcraft™)
as a VSTi plug-in instrument.
Stand-alone version features metronome, two-track sequencer, and ability to mix
down recordings to WAV, MP3, WMA, or OGG Vorbis audio files.


Acoustica Pianissimo v1.0.0.12 VSTi + Keygen (80mb)