Steinberg Dcota VSTi v1.01

Steinberg Dcota VSTi v1.01



Imagine the best synthesizer you can and then multiply that by three. Why? Because the D’cota VST synthesizer combines the power of three types of sound synthesis in the compact editing environment of one synthesizer. All this in an unprecedented sound quality for all three synthesis types, thanks to the aliasing-free sound engine. Each of the three synthesis types offered by D’cota has access to an arsenal of four freely assignable ADSR envelopes and two assignable LFOs. The LFOs can also be synchronized to the song tempo. The effect section adds the simultaneous power of delays, distortion units and modulation effects.

This exceptional synthesizer opens new possibilities to create extraordinary sounds.

New in v1.01:

+ D’cota Evolution Bank.fxb added. Please find the new bank with 64 cool patches programmed by Lutz Vogelsang within the vstplugins folder (after running the installer). These sounds push the capabilities of the D’cota engine a step further.
Tip: dont forget to use the Mod Wheel while playing!
+ Raster parameters didnt work for part 2 to 8: fixed
+ ReWire problem: Note Off didnt work: fixed
+ Volume MIDI controller didnt respond: changed
+ Arpeggiator drift: fixed
+ Patch on MIDI channel 1 always opened with preset 1 after loading a saved song: fixed
+ Envelope parameters sometimes didnt work with MIDI Learn: fixed
+ Sometimes notes stick after release: fixed
+ After editing and saving a new sound while working with multiple instances of D’cota, the first instance lost its settings: fixed
+ Parameters got inaccessible (“blue knobs”) especially after calling the setup dialog: fixed
+ In rare cases banks didnt load properly with all settings: fixed
+ After applying modulation to FM, and then resetting them again with ctrl-click, the sound of that part changed: fixed
+ Steinberg hosts: key commands for transport control are now always active.
+ Arpeggiator export was 5ms too late: fixed
+ FM of OSC 3 could not be deactivated: fixed
+ Monophonic play (voices set to 1): previously sustained notes are retriggered when the current playback note is released.

Steinberg Dcota VSTi v1.01 x86 x64 – Cracked