Zynaptiq Licenser Emulator v1.0.0 -R2R

Zynaptiq Licenser Emulator v1.0.0 -R2R

Zynaptiq Licenser Emulator v1.0.0

Licenser emulator for following products :

* Zynaptiq PITCHMAP

* Zynaptiq UNCHIRP

* Zynaptiq UNFILTER

* Zynaptiq UNVEIL

After our Zynaptiq keygen release, we found that license has to be renewed when the plugin asks. As the keygen by other group still have language related problem, this time we coded a licensor emu to make them working.

Our emulator generates and registers a valid license by the same method as the official authorizer. License will be automatically renewed by the request from the Zynaptiq plugins. Just replace files and enjoy!

Zynaptiq Licenser Emulator

1.Install Zynaptiq products.
2.Replace files named “*Authorizer.exe”.
(32bitOS) : C:\Program Files\Zynaptiq\(ProductName)\
(64bitOS) : C:\Program Files (x86)\Zynaptiq\(ProductName)\

Our emulator registers the license exactly same as official one.
License will be generated at the first launch of the plugins.
Emulator renews license when the plugin asks.

License will be written to registry.
You have to have the admin rights or it does not work.

TEAM R2R 2014


Zynaptiq Licenser Emulator v1.0.0-R2R