XVX Unpace the Automatic PACE Unpacker OSX iNTEL

XVX Unpace the Automatic PACE Unpacker



In the spirit of true STW, we have decided to release our automated PACE
unpacker. Rather than attempt to keep up with minor updates and all requests as
pertaining to PACE, we’re gonna put the power to crack ANY PACE program right
in your hands. The goal of this is to free up some time for our next big
release… We’ve mentioned before that we wish to bring more than iLok to the
community, and now we’re going to. In the future, we will be just updating this
program as needs require, i.e. PACE implements a new version, etc. Enjoy this

unpace is a command line program that will strip away the PACE protection from
an executable. Just like any tool, you will need to learn how to use it. A
complete description and documentation can be found in the man page; i.e. typing
“man unpace” at the terminal after install.

We have used unpace for every single one of our releases. It is rock-stable, but
not without personality. Take the time to get to know it, and you will come to
love it.

As part of this package, minihost.app will be installed to your /Applications
folder. This program is required for cracking some plugins that require external
frameworks. Again, more details can be found in the man page by typing “man
unpace” at the terminal prompt.

Remember that some apps include custom protection in addition to PACE. unpace
will only strip away the PACE wrapper, which should make any custom prot you
encounter crackable.

1) Unpack
2) Run Unpace Installer.app
3) type “man unpace” at the terminal to view documentation


XVX Unpace the Automatic PACE Unpacker / PACE Unlocker