Antares Microphone Modeler DX VSTi v1.32 Cracked

Antares Microphone Modeler DX VSTi v1.32


       IF YOU’VE SPENT ANY TIME  LATELY  flipping  thorough the
pages of pro-audio  magazines, you’ve  almost  certainly
noticed  the  intense  focus  on  microphones. From  the
proliferation of exotic new mics to the almost cult-like
following of certain historical  classics, never has the
choice been  greater. Or  the  prices  higher. A perfect
time, in  fact,  for   Antares  to   introduce  our  new
Microphone Modeler.  Using our patented Spectral Shaping
Tool (TM) technology, we’ve  created digital models of a
wide variety of microphones, from historical classics to
modern exotics, as  well  as  a  selection of industry –
standard workhorses.  Simply tell the Microphone Modeler
what  microphone  you  are   actually   using  and  what
microphone you’d like it  to  sound like. It’s as simple
as that.

Not only do the models  reproduce  sonic characteristics
that make each microphone unique, but they also give you
control of each  mic’s  specific  options. Does  the mic
have a low cut filter? If  so, it’s  in  the model. Wind
screen on or off? Close  or  far  placement? Each option
results in the same sonic effect that it would have with
the actual modeled mic. And  for  that  final  touch  of
perfection, you can even add some tasty tube saturation.
With the Microphone Modeler, you  can  afford  to record
every track through a  model  of  the  specific mic that
will produce the ideal  sound you’re looking for. Or use
it in live performance to  get  the  sound of mics you’d
never consider  bringing  on  stage. You can even use it
during mixdown to  effectively  change  the  mic  on  an
already recorded track. And with the ability to download
new models from  our  web  site, the  Microphone Modeler
will always keep you at the  forefront of the microphone


o  Proprietary DSP-based  acoustic  modeling  allows any
reasonable quality microphone  to sound like any of a
wide variety of high-end studio mics.
o  Models reproduce the  effects of windscreens, low-cut
filters,  pattern-dependent  frequency  response  and
proximity effects.
o  Create hybrid mics that  combine the bass response of
one mic with the treble response of another.
o  Add a model of classic tube saturation distortion.
o  Use during mixdown to  change  the  mic on an already
recorded track.
o  Incredibly simple to use — simply select the mic
you’re using and the mic you want it to sound like.
o  Includes an extensive collection of digital models of
historical classics, modern exotics, and industry –
standard workhorses.
o  Additional models can be downloaded from the Antares
web site.


Antares Microphone Modeler DX VSTi v1.32 – Cracked (10mb)